Santiago Hidalgo

Santiago Hidalgo is director of the Laboratoire CinéMédias and co-director of the *Cinema and Technology* book series at Amsterdam University Press. He is also co-editor of The Blackwell Companion to Early Cinema (Wiley, 2011) and editor of the volume Technology and Film Scholarship: Experience, Study, Theory (Amsterdam University Press, 2018). He is in addition co-editor with Bernard Perron of a recent issue of the journal Cinémas, entitled “Le montage à travers le prisme des mutations” (Spring 2019). His current research focuses on the cinema experience and on the notion of “film consciousness.” His doctoral dissertation, written under the supervision of André Gaudreault at the Université de Montréal and defended in 2016, is entitled The Possibilities of “Film Consciousness”: A Formulation in Search of a Theory. He is in addition preparing a book on this topic (forthcoming in 2020 from Amsterdam University Press). Santiago Hidalgo is also interested in the reception of film by children, a topic he addressed in a panel discussion he organised at the conference of the Canadian Film Studies Association (Toronto, 2017) entitled “From Primary Schools to University: The Study of Film Reception in Educational Environments”. At the Laboratoire CinéMédias, he continues his research into film reception and consciousness through the PREC (Programme de recherche sur l’expérience cinématographique). Santiago Hidalgo is currently a member of the scholarly committee of TECHNÈS.